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Monday, June 17th, 2013, 8:46 am

NatWest: Failing to Call Back (Twice). Succeeding in Illicit Surveillance on Customers?

Prism NatWest

A WEEK ago I asked my bank for clarifications on privacy. The bank manager never called back at all (they had promised s/he would), essentially making promises in vain and evading the serious issue. I contacted NatWest again, expressing disappointment that they broke their promise. An advisor told me they would call back shortly, but I have been waiting for many hours in vain. Here is the chat log:

You are now connected with an adviser.

Guri: Hi, you’re chatting with Guri. How may I help you?

Dr. Roy Schestowitz: Hi Guri

Dr. Roy Schestowitz: Last week I spoke with a Rep. called Manny

Guri: Hi Dr. Schestowitz

Guri: How may I help you today?

Dr. Roy Schestowitz: He spoke to his boss and said they would call me back by Friday

Guri: okay

Dr. Roy Schestowitz: That was a week ago, on Monday

Dr. Roy Schestowitz: He said they would have phoned by the end of the week, but did not

Guri: I am very sorry to hear that…

Guri: may i know regarding what he has arranged the call for you ?

Dr. Roy Schestowitz: I left my telephone number with him, can you please check this?

Dr. Roy Schestowitz: The cal was regarding data privacy in my 5 accounts, I said I would like my data not to be shared across nations.

Guri: May I know the sort code, your full name and first line of address to check the details for you?

Dr. Roy Schestowitz: Sort code: XXXX , Dr. Roy Schestowitz, XXXX

Guri: Thank you. I will locate your details. There may be a slight delay while I check your information. I appreciate your patience.

Dr. Roy Schestowitz: No problem

Guri: Dr. Schestowitz, If you want I will set a new call back for you and you will get the call within 3-4 hours

Dr. Roy Schestowitz: Please.

Guri: May I know your Telephone number?

Dr. Roy Schestowitz: XXXX

Guri: Thank you

Dr. Roy Schestowitz: I look forward to the call in a few hours, thanks and good day

Guri: I have arranged the call back for you

Guri: You will get the call within 3-4 hours

Guri: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Dr. Roy Schestowitz: That’s all, thanks

it’s not over yet. They failed to call back twice in a row now. I think it’s deliberate because of the nature of the query. They want secrecy around their abuse of customers’ data.

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