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Wednesday, May 28th, 2014, 3:56 pm

Cleverboxes is Rubbish and Tesco Direct Should Dump Them

THERE IS a company in the UK called Cleverboxes. Its name may sound innocent and its Web site gloats/boasts about a relationship with Tesco Direct. Well, this is a warning to anyone who considers buying anything from Cleverboxes.

Cleverboxes is a dysfunctional business. It does not communicate with so-called ‘customers’, it does not deliver, it does not even properly cooperate with Tesco, it makes false promises, and it generally makes Tesco look bad. Well, Tesco is bad for having such a terrible partner.

Almost a dozen calls later (at cost of money and time to us) my wife and I cancelled our order, which was made through Tesco to Cleverboxes.

To be fair to Tesco, their staff was quite responsible and was eager to pressure Cleverboxes to deliver; it was seemingly the fault Cleverboxes alone. Do they have have staff there? Is that a real business?

Save yourself the disappointment and avoid Cleverboxes. It deserves to lose Tesco as a partner immediately because all it does is rubbish Tesco’s name.

6 Responses to “Cleverboxes is Rubbish and Tesco Direct Should Dump Them”

  1. Vernon Yerkess Says:

    Hello – I will look into your case and fathom why you have received such bad service as this is definitely not the norm. Cleverboxes is not a dysfunctional business and does cooperate fully with Tesco and certainly does not make false promises. In the first instance, please allow me to take this opportunity to apologise on behalf of Cleverboxes and Tesco for the poor service you have received.


    Vernon Yerkess
    Managing Director

    Cleverboxes Limited

  2. Vernon Yerkess Says:

    Hello – after receiving a brief from my Customer Services team it appears that on two separate occasions, DPD, our courier, had tried to deliver without success Only on receiving the goods back today have we known that the goods had not been delivered, which subsequently triggered a call to yourself, which wasn’t answered – our Customer Services Representative left a voice mail message for you. A representative from Tesco customer service called us only today to discuss this case.

    Again, I apologise profusely for the way your case has been handled, however, if you had contacted Cleverboxes Customer Services Team earlier, we would have been able to resolve any issues.

    As for your suggestion that Tesco should ‘drop’ us as a partner, I can refer you to many thousands of satisfied customers and will go as far to say that Cleverboxes Customer Services Team is exceptional in the way it handles cases and issues, however we are always wanting to improve to ensure 100% satisfaction – with this in mind, I will review the case notes further and ensure this miscommunication between Tesco / Cleverboxes and Customers is eradicated.

    If you would like further clarification or to discuss this matter further, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kind Regards

    Vernon Yerkess
    Managing Director
    Cleverboxes Limited

  3. David Lowe Says:

    I have just been reading about poor service provided by Cleverboxes. O.K, my delivery is only one day late (in spite of paying £2.95 extra) but this comes after trying to get delivery of the same item from Mopodo after ten days. They use UK Mail who yesterday provided a photocopy of the receipt signature. Unfortunately, only my wife and I live here and neither of us recognise the signature. Let’s hope Cleverboxes don’t use the same carrier.

  4. Milton Stapler Says:

    I couldn’t disagree more with this review from my own experience. On receiving a faulty HDD a quick phone call got me a no quibble replacement delivered the following day. Excellent service.

  5. Mr Fobbed Off Says:

    I’ve also experienced the same appalling ‘customer service’ from these lame jokers.

    Was fobbed off with excuses that I need to go to Samsung instead of them for a replacement faulty charger for a mobile phone.

    Avoid these wasters like the plague.

  6. sarah treays Says:

    Sadly with Tesco offers , this site is so expensive ! Cheaper kits etc elsewhere !

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