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Wednesday, March 1st, 2006, 3:55 pm

Spam Varieties

Junk mail

SPAM is everywhere. It comes in different flavours and the way to chew it varies as well. This essay is not about meaty cuisine, but rather about the plague of the electronic age. Anywhere one has an opportunity to gain, spam will prevail. Several days ago, the MATLAB Web site got flooded by endless spam and many innocent contributers got false E-mail notifications, me included.

Spam should not be attributed to and associated with just E-mail. An initiative by AOL at al. to eradicate spam through taxation has most recently been criticised harshly. Genuine mailers begin to suffer financially, to make matters worse than the need to purge spam. This morning it took me approximately half an hour only to purge spam. As for the impact spam has on my life, I continue to tolerate spam through:

  • E-mail
  • Forum subscriptions with site addresses
  • Forum messages
  • Guestbook entries
  • WordPress comments
  • WordPress trackbacks
  • PHP-Nuke links
  • PHP-Nuke news submission
  • Wiki
  • Referrer spam
  • Zombie attacks

I have set up cleanup/purging cycles in my schedule, with frequency dependent on severity. The chores at hand are still a very time-consuming activity and it gets worse by the day. I recently had a fierce argument over someone who used to comment spam. This involved someone who was possibly in cahoot with the spammer. Some spammers deserve a death penalty. If not practised law, then at least as an effective deterrent. Related item: WordPress Comment Spam Prevention

2 Responses to “Spam Varieties”

  1. canadafred Says:

    I know the argument about the spam co-conspirators that you are writing about. It’s amazing how many people supported the spammers in that discussion. I couldn’t believe some of them that were defending this.

    Anyway, I did check out your blog posting and just want to say – keep the faith. We will get the best results in the SERPs someday.

  2. Roy Schestowitz Says:

    Good SERP’s will require some ‘Net cleansing’, I suspect. There needs to be some overhaul. Whether it will be a next-generation, evolved Google, who knows?

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