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Monday, May 16th, 2022, 7:11 pm

COVID-19 Status in the UK: Blackout and Excess Mortality

ALMOST 3 years have passed since COVID-19 broke out. Is it behind us? No. Ask China. They have lockdowns.

We’re meant to think we’re all “after” COVID-19, based on a lack of data or selective (cherry-picked) data. So one has to look for the data they’re directing away from.

First of all, UK testing numbers (for COVID-19) has fallen to a 2-year low. Seriously! We’re not properly testing anymore and the NHS’s “data people” currently help the regime cover up what’s really happening. I wrote about it last week. They barely release any new numbers.

Even the results they’ve published are clearly manipulated by backlogging. They don’t count everything. Maybe their plan is to add the ‘missing’ numbers some time in the future.

Excess mortality rates (exceeding the normal, expected levels) tell an interesting tale about April. In England and the UK at large, for 3 weeks in a row (for the past 3 week there’s incomplete data, so we shall see what goes on next month) there were excess deaths, especially among old people (over 65). Should we simply ignore that? The lowest number of UK deaths (in 5 years) was around the time of the second lockdown (2021), so lockdowns save lives. Working from home saves minds. Spreading COVID-19 like the plague (my mom got it twice already, in spite of two boosters, and it put her in bed) helps financial firms ‘euthanise’ the people perceived to be a “burden” (pensions and all…) and given the Tory policies — “let the bodies pile up high” — the lockdowns won’t come back until there’s a variant/mutant/derivative optimised to kill very rich people.

At the end… coronavirus won. It spreads everywhere and we don’t try to stop it. It’ll infect people again… and again… and again. Until they die or become partly disabled.

Saturday, May 14th, 2022, 9:00 am

UK COVID-19 Deaths Continue to Rise While Government Uses Data/Information Blackout to Hide the Trend

Latest (days ago):

UK deaths COVID-19 total

But notice how they’re abandoning the data portal, barely bothering to even update it:

COVID-19 lack of updates

Thursday, May 12th, 2022, 4:56 am

Time for Freedom of Information (FOI) Request to Divulge Data on COVID-19

Data the government no longer wishes to share despite an increase in cases and deaths

COVID-19 darkness

COVID-19 deaths stopped

Notice how they have quit updating the portal, except just twice a week. I might contact a local MP. Hiding COVID-19′s impact (and spread) is no way to deal with it.

Tuesday, May 10th, 2022, 3:50 pm

COVID-19 in the UK: Going Dark, Hiding the Problem Instead of Solving It

Yesterday: 100 Million New COVID Infections Could Be Just Months Away

As noted here yesterday, testing levels are falling to all-time lows in the context of COVID-19 lock-downs and mass testing. We’re meant to think everything is OK now (even though it evidently isn’t the case). Mayday and Easter (cessation of counting) were seized upon to promote this illusion that things were calming down, rather than things not being properly tracked. They have a ‘backlog’ and every now and then they’ll throw 3,000 ‘missing’ or “additional” deaths (my dog are my death certificate?) while the media pays no attention. Within less than a month there will be over 200,00 British death certificates with “COVID-19″ on them.

Earlier today the following got published in the government’s official portal:

Scotland and UK headline data now updated on Mondays and Thursdays

From 9 May 2022, Public Health Scotland moved to reporting data on Mondays and Thursdays.

This means UK headline figures are also updated on Mondays and Thursdays.

Up-to-date data for England, Wales (excluding vaccinations) and Northern Ireland are on the cases, deaths, healthcare, testing, vaccinations and postcode pages.

Screenshot as they’ll deprecate the page out of existence one day:

COVID-19: going darker

So over time they redefine what they measure to belittle the severity of the situation. And then they stop updating during weekends; now they lower the frequency some more…

Suffice to say, hardly anyone gets vaccinated anymore. The latest figures show well under 10,000 vaccine doses per day (both for first and second; even “boosters” aren’t pursued much anymore).

So has the problem actually been solved? Let’s see…


Oh, sorry, no information for you today (“N/A”). It’s the same in the page for deaths.

NHS/Tories: Maybe if we stop publish data, then people will stop blasting our fatally stupid policy.

Monday, May 9th, 2022, 3:23 pm

UK: 200,000 COVID-19-Linked Deaths by Month’s End?

Virus tests conducted in the UK have reached their lowest levels since 2020, based on today’s (just-released) NHS figures. This isn’t solving the issue, it’s ignoring the issue. And still, the number of cases rose this past week (in spite of decrease in testing):

May: Covid-19

So far across the UK over 195,000 Brits died with “COVID-19″ in their death certificate (there is a backlog still), but BillBC is busy pretending all is well and Jeffrey Epstein’s BFF, Bill Gates, is a wonderful person (because he had repeatedly bribed BillBC to say this). BillBC learned nothing from the Jimmy Savile fiasco.

Friday, May 6th, 2022, 4:15 pm

UK COVID-19 Deaths ‘Backlog’

New numbers released, another weekly increase:

UK deaths Covid-19 in April

Thursday, May 5th, 2022, 4:18 pm

While the BBC is Whitewashing a Criminal That Sponsors the BBC COVID-19 Kills Many More (and That BBC Sponsor Profits From Those Deaths)

Today in BBC: Jimmy Savile all over again! They’ve learned no lessons!

Vaccine profiteer Bill Gates is now weaponising his media assets. Watch what’s in the “coronavirus” section of the BBC’s Web site today:

Bill BC

Suffice to say, it’s not really an interview but a whitewash. He also uses that to rewrite history.

While the BBC is busy (this week) reputation-laundering its sponsor Bill Gates, pretending that his affairs with Jeffrey Epstein weren’t a big deal (even though Melinda Gates sought a divorce over it) many people are still dying.

Today’s numbers:

UK deaths in May

And they pretend that Gates is saving us from this thing! He’s just profiting.

This is Jimmy Savile all over again, except Savile did not bribe the BBC to cover up for him…

Someone has moreover reminded me that Gates specifically harmed the UK, using patents on vaccines. We need a “stronger reminder about Gates forcing the university to reneg on their promise not to patent / collect royalties on the UK vaccine…” (guess who profits from it)

Twitter banned me for merely pointing out this fact in March 2021. It did the same thing to other people. Why are criminals being protected from their critics? Follow the money. Yes, Gates was paying Twitter at the time.

Of note, regarding the number above:

Deaths figures for England include backlog

A technical issue affecting one route of reporting to UKHSA reported on 4 May 2022 has been fixed. Deaths figures by report date on 5 May 2022 include some deaths that would have been reported on 4 May 2022.

Deaths by death date are backdated.

Or a screenshot

UK death backlog

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