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Monday, June 6th, 2005, 11:44 am

Public Mail Accounts and Filtering

This entry does not concern spam, but rather the management of mail which belongs to a different ‘classes’, e.g. academia, work and play. It is a simple efficiency tip.

Experience has taught acquainted folks and I the value of possessing several E-mail addresses (7 in my case), which can be checked at different intervals (varying from minutes to days or weeks). Different accounts are designated for mailing lists, subscriptions, people and so forth. This reduces the number of disturbances since there is always a choice as to which account/s to check.

Broader E-mail messages often have labels such as [Linux-Group] which ease the process of flitering. Several mailing lists can reside on the same E-mail account; by defining rules for re-direction to boxes, all messages wind up in the right place automatically.


click image to view in full size

Above is an example from Horde. Messages initially appear in Inbox and only new ones get listed. Once read, a single click on the filter icon will archive them in the right box. Messages marked as spam will wind up in Trash. With this strategy, one can read the subject of — and archive dozens of messages in just a few seconds. Personal messages go to separate accounts which can be checked every 1 minute using POP.

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